Welcome to the Bardo Guild I'm your guild leader Tashi Renre.

If you're reading this, it means you're joining the world of adventures after re-birthing into this world, everyone starts off as a guild trainee, until you take and complete you're first Quest. The 1st one is mandatory, after that you'll be able to pick and choose quests according to your guild ranking. Keep in mind you can take multiple quests, but dying in a dungeon mid-quest can fail certain quests, drop quest items or you'll run out of time for that quest.

We only have a few rules at this guild.
  1. No parties for questing, without guild master permission
  2. Must complete quests accepted, failing will lead to let's say....not savory things
  3. Any quest must be verified before the reward is paid.

If you have questions, You'll be able to PM Asmodeus one of the gods of this world, just keep in mind, all rewards, punishments come from him 24-48hrs at most.

Welcome aboard noobs.